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Tema: Assetto Corsa Update v1.3 to v1.3.3

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    Assetto Corsa Update v1.3 to v1.3.3

    - Fixed wrong timing in brake disc glow effect
    - Improved AI spline road sides at Spa
    - AI spline sides now accept CSV with both "," or " " as delimiters
    - Fixed tyre collision not using rims at super low tyre pressure
    - Added downshift protection parameters to drivetrain.ini to allow individual car tune up
    - Tuned up downshift protection (experimental) for the following cars
    BMW Z4 GT3
    Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3
    Glickenhaus SCG003
    Lamborghini Huracan GT3
    Nissan GT-R GT3
    McLaren MP4 12C GT3
    Mercedes SLS GT3
    BMW M3 GT2
    Ferrari 458 GT2
    Corvette C7R
    - Force Feedback frequency is now controlled using a more precise setting in assetto_corsa.ini (FF_SKIP_STEPS instead of the old MAX_FF_RATE_HZ)
    - Direct Input devices are not initialized with a BACKGROUND flag instead of FOREGROUND
    - Set audio channels to 128 instead of 64 in audio.ini
    - Added turbo boost information to shared memory
    - Fixed tyre vertical stiffness pressure dependency wrongly using ideal pressure instead of reference pressure
    - Fixed upshift audio sample not correctly triggered
    - Fixed Ruf RT12R limiter audio clicks
    - Minor EQ tweaks
    - Rebalanced heat distribution as function of camber
    - Experimental heat/grip ratio for BMW M3 E30 Drift, BMW M3 E92 Drift, BMW Z4 Drift
    - Ford GT40 ui description added
    - Ford GT40 corrected setup screen with proper values
    - Ford GT40 adjustable engine limiter added
    - Audi Quattro dash texture bug fixed
    - Huracán GT3 light script fixed
    - Huracán GT3 LEDs fixed
    - Ford GT40 windscreen frame mesh bug fixed
    - BMW M4 tyre 3D model fixed
    - Nismo GTR glass transparency issue fixed
    - Nismo GTR digital instruments not being visible fixed
    - BMW M4 dash lights being inverted fixed
    - Audi R8 window transparency issue fixed

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