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Tema: Killing Room Update v1.37.7-CODEX

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    Direct Killing Room Update v1.37.7-CODEX

    We have new update for you. As always, it contains some bugfixes, improvements and some new content focused on traps and enemy groups that you will encounter. But we are also trying to balance game a little bit more so you can enjoy it with as little frustration as possible.

    New content:

    • New enemy groups, mostly hard ones (more than 100)
    • New trap room variations in each "world"
    • New achievement for beating game on Hardcore mode


    • Frost rifle shooting in wrong direction sometimes
    • Two achievements fixed - Quiter and Unlimited Gun Works (it was part of previous hotfix with no announcement so we are only writing it here to make it more visible)
    • Bad item not working if it deducts from 0 and you later increase that stat
      Various fixes to Online Voting - if it still won't work for you, please, let us know
    • Left Shift key not bindable
    • Puzzle rooms activating even before player opens the door
    • Player sometimes losing bonus from items that give more/less points to character development (Kingpin, Mollycoddle etc)
    • Player soemtimes obtains wrong bad item from Wheel of Fortune (game informs you about one item and gives you different one)

    Balancing and improvements:

    • Boss 2 (Snowman) has now reduced HP
    • Boss 4 has now reduced HP
    • Boss 5 has now reduced HP
    • Boss 7 has now more HP and gives you more collision damage
    • Boss 8 has now more HP, much stronger attacks and spawns more dangerous snowman types
      Increased range for melee weapons

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