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    Torrent Titan.Quest.Anniversary.Edition.Update.3-ALI213

    Perdon por la publicidad, pero no tengo un duro y con que me llegue para pagar alguna factura me sobra, gracias

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    Update #3 Fixes, improvements and borderless window mode

    Changelog Update #3:

    23rd September 2016
    + Added support for Borderless window mode. Use -borderless as command line parameter
    + Added more detailed crash reporting
    + Reduced amount of files and size for save games by 80%. Steam cloud should work much faster now,
    - Fixed possible startup crash related to missing system fonts
    - Fixed bug in "Double Standard" achievement
    - Fixed "xtagMenuError1" when using Editor
    - Improved some deatils in european languages
    - Fixed chinese Onslaught description
    - Bigger UI for 3k resolutions when using High scale option
    - Fixed bug, where actual server name could be different than the one displayed while creating a game.
    - Fixed bug, where Eye of Chaos was not dropping when game speed was above normal
    - Creeping Slimes now absorb 75% Piercing Damage rather than having 80% Resistance
    - Fixed residual poison resistances on Undead
    - Gorgon Queens flee less and move at increased speed when they do
    + Gorgon Queen Stheno occasionally charges
    - Lowered Elemental Resistance on Bandari
    - Lowered Mana Regeneration on Alastor
    - Tweaked Alastor AI
    - Changed Typhon's Life/Mana Leech skills to not hit behind him
    - Changed Typhon's fire breath to use a wave effect
    + Improved effect on Typhon's poison bolt and added a 1m explosion radius
    - Halved Bleeding Duration on Yaoguai's individual Gore combo hits
    - Lowered Sickle of Kronos level requirement to 73
    + Added a new type of wraith
    - Fixed missing sound on Sepulchral Wyrms' new fire breath
    - Lowered volume of Battle Rage activation
    - Tweaked Limos life stealing range
    + Circle of Power now also grants +100% to Bleeding Damage
    - Reduced cast range of Herbalism
    - Increased cast range of Lay Trap
    - Minkah (Shadow Stalker Hero) does not teleport quite as much
    - Vince is now a champion rather than a quest monster and casts more often
    + Boar Riders have a chance to drop Boar's Hide
    - Boar's Hide now grants only half as much armor but 10%/20%/30% Bleeding Resistance
    - Suffix "of the Wilds" now also grants 24% Bleeding Resistance
    - Fixed some element resistances being too low on high level amulets
    + Amulets can now drop with Poison Resistance prefixes
    + Added new Relic: Aegis of Athena (Vitality and Petrification Resistance for Shields)
    - Increased Vitality Resistance on Crystal of Erebus charms
    - Numerous Relics and Charms can now get Vitality and Bleeding Resistance completion bonuses
    - Increased Epic/Legendary XP bonus to 12% and 25%

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