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    Direct SERAPH-PLAZA [MULTI] [ISO] [1.30GB] [UB]

    Acerca de este juego

    Seraph is a skill based, acrobatic combat platformer... without aiming! Featuring an angel, known as Seraph, who's fighting to restore her lost power and ultimately escape a prison infested with demons. However, dark magic has trapped the angel inside her human Vessel: if the Vessel dies, so will Seraph.

    Key Features
    Gun-fu acrobatic combat - Seraph chooses her own targets with a wide range of deadly firearms, allowing the player to focus on acrobatic evasion instead. Dodge enemy attacks with lightning fast reactions and look awesome while doing it!

    Dynamic difficulty scaling - The on-screen difficulty rating ensures that the game is always challenging. The better you do, the harder the enemies (but the greater the rewards!).

    Designed to be replayed - Levels are procedurally generated and filled with random pick-ups, enemies and bosses. Craft new weapons, Miracles and protective items through the Transmutation feature and unlock powerful passive Oaths for your next demonic encounter. Daily and weeky challenge leaderboards allow you to test your mettle against other players.

    Not a rogue-like! - Seraph can be slain in her battles, but doing so will mean resurrecting with less maximum health. Discover hidden checkpoint orbs to save your start point through the campaign if you die completely.
    Twitch features - Seraph can be played in Twitch mode, allowing viewers to vote between levels to give the Streamer a positive or negative modifier, which then actually alters the game!

    Requisitos del sistema
    SO: Windows 7 or higher
    Procesador: Intel i3 3.0GHz
    Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    Gráficos: Nvidia GeForce GT 450
    DirectX: Versión 9.0c
    Almacenamiento: 2600 MB de espacio disponible

    SO: Windows 7 or higher
    Procesador: Intel i5 3.0GHz
    Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    Gráficos: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
    DirectX: Versión 10
    Almacenamiento: 2600 MB de espacio disponible

    Perdon por la publicidad, pero no tengo un duro y con que me llegue para pagar alguna factura me sobra, gracias

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