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Tema: Shovel Knight [v2.4A] [MULTI] [3DM] [143Mb OL]

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    Shovel Knight [v2.4A] [MULTI] [3DM] [143Mb OL]

    Shovel Knight es un frenético juego de aventura y acción clásica con una jugabilidad fuera de serie, personajes memorables y estética retro en 8 bits. Si te gustan los plataformas perfectos, música contagiosa, mucho humor y un corazón como una pala... ¡Shovel Knight está hecho para ti!

    Requisitos del sistema
    SO: Windows XP SP2
    Procesador: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 ghz or equivalent
    Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    Gráficos: 2nd Generation Intel Core HD Graphics (2000/3000), 256MB
    DirectX: Versión 9.0
    Almacenamiento: 250 MB de espacio disponible

    New languages supported! Russian and Brazilian Portuguese are now selectable!
    Text and formatting fixes across Shovel Knight and Plague Knight campaigns.
    Additional controller support.
    Fix: Secret title screen code not working when confirm/cancel is swapped.
    Fix: Calibrate Screen Gamma fix when confirm/cancel switched
    Fix: Improvements for text replacement cheats.
    Fix: Challenge “Extendo Retractro” having inconsistent platform timing.
    Fix: Can no longer pause while game is transitioning.
    Fix: Specter Knight sometimes floating offscreen during banquet battle intro.
    Fix: Enchantress dialogue line not being readable. Enchantress no longer interrupts her own dialogue during the to the battle entrance.
    Fix: Tinker Knight Boss reveal will now wait until the player is on screen.
    Fix: Moving platforms can no long push pickups in a way that they move infinitely in one direction
    Fix: Saving text background now visible on same frame as text
    Fix: Tinker Knight being able to be hit during intro.
    Fix: Can no longer slide off catapult before it launches you
    Fix: Sometimes being able to escape Specter Knight boss fight.
    Fix: Plague Knight specific cheats will no longer activate unless Plague Knight is unlocked.
    Fix: Hoppicles can no longer fall through platforms
    Fix: Single checkpoint cheat not working
    Fix: Lava fish now die in water if fished out. They also die if on land for too long.
    Fix: Can no longer bind the same button to multiple actions. Added a visual effect when attempting to bind a button already used by another action.
    Fix: Can no longer open inventory during challenge mode bosses intro
    Fix: Enemy larger cheat fixes for Tinker Knight and Remnant of Fate
    Fix: Autoscroll with invincibility cheats creating soft locks.
    Fix: Teethalon can no longer be hurt while offscreen

    Fix: [Shovel] Striking Plague Knight's vat once again has blocking knockback.
    Fix: [Shovel] Can no longer hit campfire during dream. I guess this would
    be considered sleep shovelling?
    Fix: [Shovel] The Big Creep’s health sometimes still being active after defeat
    Fix: [Shovel] The Big Creep spawning issues when activating lights and transitioning rooms simulataneously
    Fix: [Shovel] Player now turns to face the The Big Creep during bosds intro. It’s not that kind of ghost!
    Fix: [Shovel] Ghosts being hit during cutscene in Hall of Champions
    Fix: [Shovel] Served but not yet eaten food from the Gastronomer will still waiting at the Village when you begin New Game+. Leftovers+?
    Fix: [Shovel] Can now earn the Sparker feat on Black Knight, Mr. Hat, Reize, Baz, and Phantom Striker.
    Fix: [Shovel] Well Met Feat now requires Mr. Hat to be defeated as well.
    Fix: [Shovel] Striking Boss Plague Knight's vat as Shovel Knight once again has blocking knockback.
    Fix: [Shovel] Flare Wander Feat no longer unlocks when hitting a block.
    Fix: [Shovel] Super Sphere Feat sometimes unlocking from objects that were not hit by Chaos Orb.
    Fix? [Shovel] Dolly will now discuss her interest in purchasing a beret at Mr. Hat’s Fancy Shop instead of a brooch! Immersion maintained.
    Fix: [Shovel] Visual frame sync issue with the mobile gear

    Fix: [Plague] Alchemy Shop sometimes displayed improperly formatted text.
    Fix: [Plague] Entering the Alchemy shop quickly no longer makes input invalid
    Fix: [Plague] Being able longer throw bombs in between boss fights in banquet battle
    Fix: [Plague] Tinker Knight Boss works better with the Sentry Fuse
    Fix: [Plague] Temporarily unable to move if using the vat during exactly during a screen transition.
    Fix: [Plague] Hall of Champion Guards can no longer be hit during dialogue
    Fix: [Plague] Can no longer talk to Troupple King while standing on a Vat
    Fix: [Plague] Village screen transition loop improved
    Fix: [Plague] Hall of champions erroneously taking 1000 gold when re-entering.
    Fix: [Plague] Blowing up Hedge Pupil’s house and leaving the screen breaking the game
    Fix: [Plague] Sometimes being able to jump or use relics when input is disabled
    Fix: [Plague] Bosses not resetting the state of the Bomb Jump Blitz Feat. It should now possible to earn while retrying a boss or when fighting multiple bosses in a row.

    Hotfix Version 2.4A
    Fixed a crash that occurs when listening to one of Croaker's jokes in Brazilian Portuguese. I guess you can say he was really killing it! (Sorry.)
    It is once again possible to bind the same button to multiple actions when editing Single binds. The menu will flash red to warn of a duplicate, but it will no longer stop those who want to setup their input this way!
    Fixed Mobile Gear relic getting destroyed by Tinker Knight's thrown wrenches while in motion.
    Adjusted a few typos in Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. Thank you to everyone who contacted us to help fix these.

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