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Tema: Eisenhorn XENOS Update v1.3-CODEX [V.H]

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    Eisenhorn XENOS Update v1.3-CODEX [V.H]

    CODEX has released the Update v1.3 for game “Eisenhorn XENOS” for Windows . Enjoy

    Update v1.3:

    Fixed several bugs that didn’t allow the player to continue.
    Fixed collision, path-finding and streaming bugs in some levels.
    Fixed Eyclone dialogues in chapter 3.
    Added message confirming Player accepted to swap party members.
    Making cutscenes animations more stable, falling animations were conflicting with cinematic ones.
    Added a dynamic light to all melee weapons that player can equip.
    Fixed some progression bugs.
    Improved audio balancing.
    Removed some debug text.
    Improved HUD feedback in adventure

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