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Tema: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada [Build 1.4.8073c Update] [OL]

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    Battlefleet Gothic: Armada [Build 1.4.8073c Update] [OL]

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    Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Build 1.4.8073c Update changelog:


    Subsystems Temporary critical damages have been added to the game. Subsystems temporary critical damages disable the parts just like permanent critical damages, but they can be repaired with Emergency Repairs. Only Weaponry, Boarding Actions, Pathfinder Assault and Avatar of Khaine can deal subsystems permanent critical damages. All other assault actions (Lightning strikes and affiliated (excepted Avatar of Khaine), Shokk-Attack Mega Kannon, Boardin’ Torpedoes, etc…) can only cause subsystems temporary critical damages.
    Added : Russian language
    An option allows you to select a specific region to prioritize researches of an opponent in PvP.
    The chat in the Battle Report is now available.
    The “Co-op versus AI mode” is now available in Skirmish.

    Bug Fix
    Fixed a bug causing a multiplayer custom game to switch to the “Set your Fleet” screen directly from the Lobby if the player played a classic matchmaking multiplayer game before.
    Fixed a bug allowing the host of a custom game to delete AI opponents by switching players’ places.
    Fixed a bug displaying the wrong speed for Ork ships in their shipyard.
    Fixed a bug keeping two Escort ship slots empty in the “Set your Fleet” and duplicating them when the “Ready” button is clicked on.
    Fixed a bug making Commodore Vandez immortal in the Gethsemane mission.
    Fixed a bug setting the Ork Escort ships in the “The Hunt” Campaign mission to a different elevation than the rest of the fleet.
    Fixed a bug which didn’t counted the Prow Lance Turret of the Retribution Imperial Navy Battleship as critically damaged when it destroyed
    Fixed a bug forcing the game to consider a custom Lobby as Multiplayer once an invitation sent, even if the player ultimately does not join the lobby.
    Fixed a bug in multiplayer custom lobby: The guest wasn’t seeing the AI fleets in the right slots.
    Fixed a bug on “generated profile” causing the choice strip to stay as “With/Without skills”.
    Fixed a bug causing a Freeze during a loading screen if the player returned to the main menu through the Escape menu and pressed the “Escape” key anew.
    Fixed a crash occurring during the appearance/ disappearance of Tooltips.
    Fixed a bug causing the Ork Docks background to prevent the player from click the “Add” button of the shipyard.
    Fixed a bug allowing a player in Space Station or Breakthrough Defence missions to have Space Stations and Defence Platforms of other factions.
    Fixed a bug in the Hull percentage calculation which sometimes did not trigger an insubordination test if the ship had less than 30% hull.
    Fixed a bug allowing to use the “Grot Assistants” Skill when the Engines were critically damaged.
    Fixed a bug displaying a ship as a Wreckage if it was identified while disengaging.
    Fixed a bug preventing the Overlay Warnings “Hull Breach!” and “Fire Onboard!” to be displayed for the Guest players of a multiplayer match.
    Fixed a bug giving the Missile Pod, Heavy Missile Pod and Super Heavy Missile Pod the wrong damage value. It is now 10 instead of 3.
    Fixed a bug giving to the Nurgle Desolator the wrong battery weapon to the left side.

    Fixed a bug displaying the Armour and Detection Range values in the wrong colours once in a mission.
    Fixed a bug duplicating a ship’s newly written name on every ships of the fleet in the Stat Panel.
    Fixed a bug removing the Warp Jump Cooldown display if the Generator was critically damaged.
    All skills now display an updated value for their cooldown if modifications are applied to them.
    Fixed a bug allowing the LVL 8 Experience Gauge to be filled a bit.
    Fixed a bug in multiplayer docks while in a group, preventing a warning message asking to wait the ally’s arrival, to be displayed.
    Special assault actions now display their specific overlay message upon success or failure.
    The weaponry critical damage icon on a ship now appears and display a number indicating the number of weapons damaged rather than appearing once all weapons are critically damaged.

    Fixed a bug causing the Eldar Space Station to have a wrong mesh set on its starcannons.
    Chains texture modified on the Hellbringer and Hellbringer Mk II’s decks.
    Relocation of a Nurgle Tentacle of the Nurgle Favour that was colliding with a turret on Chaos Battleships.
    High Energy Turn FX for Imperial Escort ships added.
    Chaos ships Engines FX reworked.
    Ork ships Engines FX reworked.
    New FX added to the “Phantom Disruption” Eldar Favour skill.
    Fixed a bug giving to the Ork Cruisers a Chaos token instead of an Ork one.
    Visual scroll bars added to the Pregame and the shipyards.

    The short Delay between two clicks on Escort ships in the “Set your Fleet “screen has been removed.
    You can now skip the Tutorial missions of the campaign. You will be sent after them with the renown you would have earned.
    A new tutorial window has been added indicating the defeat conditions of the campaign.
    Ship Captains now have names and can be renamed, up to 23 letters.
    The Game’s version is now taken into account to match players in matchmaking. It is now impossible to play against players that do not have the same game version.
    In Campaign mode, once you have at least 50 lost worlds, a warning message is displayed to prompt you to go under the 50 worlds lost threshold or it will be a Game Over.
    Saves are now set in chronological order.
    The “General” settings modifications after an auto-detection is now saved and kept.
    Multi-selecting an allied ship and an enemy ship at the same time is now impossible, a multi-selected destroyed ship is now deselected from the group, and using tab in the Deploy screen now select the first ship of the line rather than the last.


    Escort ships can no longer use the “Emergency Repairs” skill while heavily damaged.
    Accuracy calculations modified: Now all bonuses/penalties are a raw improvement/decrease of the Accuracy score excepted for the Eldar Holofield that stays a percentage reduction.
    The Radius of the Plasma Engine Surge has been improved from 2.500 to 3.000


    Eldar Pulsars now deal 15 damage per pulsar per instance (3 instances per skill use) and have their cooldown reduced from 30 second to 20.
    The Eldar “Rune-Assisted Targeting” upgrade has been reworked. Rather than its old effect, it now does: “While on “Lock On” Special Order, Starcannons switch from a 90° angle of fire, to a 270° angle of fire.”
    The Eldar “Phoenix Sails” upgrade has been reworked. Rather than its old effect, it now does: “If Sails are critically damaged, the speed penalty is divided by 2”
    The Eldar “Dragon Sails” upgrade has been reworked. Rather than its old effect, it now does: “Gives +25 speed to the ship”
    The Eldar “Ambusher” favour upgrade has been modified, its bonus reduced from +50% damages while furtive to +25%.
    The Eldar “Maelstrom” favour skill has been modified, it now deals 0 damage to shielded ships, but 10 damage per second to ships without shields.
    The Eldar “Wraithbone Shift” Special Manoeuvre cooldown has been improved from 20 seconds to 25 seconds.
    The Eldar “Phantom Disruption” favour skill has been modified, it now affects an area of effect of 3.000 units around the given location instead of a lone ship.
    New Eldar upgrade replacing “Enhanced Crystal Focusing: Pulsars range improved by 3.000 units.” by “Guided Fire: While on Reload Special order, Starcannons reduce their firing rate by 2% per second as long as they attack the same target continuously. Maximum reduction -50%”
    New Eldar upgrade replacing “Wraithguard: Raises the Troop Value by 10 against Cancel Warp attempts.” by “Solar Accumulator: Reduce the Wraithbone Shift Special Manoeuvre’s cooldown by 5 seconds.”
    Two new Eldar ships models, the Shadow Cruiser Kurnous Pattern and the Eclipse Battle Cruiser Vaul Pattern are now available.


    New Ork Trait “Looted Ship”: Fire Durations on this ship are doubled and Hull Breaches causes double damage.
    New Ork Upgrade replacing “Heavy Gunz: Under 3.000 units, Gunz and Kannonz reduce armour to 25%” by “More Dakka: While on Lock On, all Gunz fire the maximum number of shots.”
    New Ork Upgrade replacing “Big Mek: Raises the Troop Value by 10 against Cancel Warp attempts” by “Bonkers Big Mek: Upon Dying, the ship always triggers a Plasma Engine Surge, Exploding violently. The damages dealt this way are doubled.”
    The Ork Trait “Squigless” has been removed. The players can now execute Ork Captains without the Chained Squig upgrade. The Chained Squig crew member is still locked and needs the affiliated upgrade to be unlocked.
    The Ork Upgrade “Mork-blessed Scannurz” has been removed, replaced by the “Chained Squig” upgrade.
    The vacant space in Hull left by “Chained Squig” has been filled with “Cleva Mekboy: The ship can still use Boarding action and Emergency Repairs once heavily damaged, but the Emergency Repairs cannot heal the ship for more than 15% of its max hull points.”
    The “Shokk-Attack Mega Kannon” Ork Favour skill now deals 2 assault actions instead of 1.
    Orks Kannonz are no longer affected by upgrades.
    New Ork upgrade replacing “Kustom Generator: While on Lock on Special Order, Zzaps have a +300% chance to deal critical hits.” by “Disrupta Zzap: Each hit on the enemy ship’s hull by the ship's Zzap slows the target by 50% for 2 seconds. Stackable.”
    The Ork upgrade “Sheeld-breaker Shot” has been reworked. Rather than its old effect, it now does: “Each Zzap shot has a 50% chance to bypass shields and holofields.”
    New Ork upgrade replacing “Kunning Plans: Special Manoeuvres do not reveal the ship.” by “Turbo Boosta: Gives +25 speed to the ship, but each Big Red Button Special Manoeuvre has a 20% chance to cause a temporary Engine critical damage.”

    Skills and Favors

    The “Disruption Bomb” Technical skill’s cooldown is now 180 seconds.
    The “Stasis Bomb” Technical skill’s cooldown is now 300 seconds.
    The “Plasma Bomb” Technical skill’s cooldown is now 180 seconds. Additionally, they only deal 50 damages (instead of 100) if the enemy ship distant of more than 50% of the area of effect compared to the epicenter of the explosion.
    The “Micro Warp Jump” (and faction equivalent) technical skill has been reworked: It now starts in Cooldown, and shares its Cooldown with the Warp Jump. If the player uses one of those two skills, both will be set on the used skill’s cooldown.
    The interdiction zone for the Micro Warp Jump has been reduced from 3.000 to 2.000.
    New Technical Skill replacing “Taunt: Force the targeted ship to attack the ship, respecting its set behaviour.” by “Rally: Cancel the targeted ship’s insubordination without triggering the Mutiny effect.”
    Unfitting a Skill, an Upgrade or a Favour now gives back 50% of its initial price.
    The Servitors (and faction equivalent) now affect all skills excepted the Warp Jump (and faction equivalent).
    All additional Troop Values granted through a Favour upgrade are divided by 2 (Examples: Nurgle now only gives +10 and Space Marines now only give +5)

    Numerous modifications.
    Russian language is now available.
    Recon Beacon’s tooltip now indicates the correct value for its detection range.
    The Hellebore’s Torpedo launcher now displays a tooltip.
    Modifications brought to the Credit scene.

    Additional Notes:


    Are required, before installing this update.

    1. Unpack release
    2. Copy content from the UNTOUCHED folder and into the main install
    folder and overwrite
    3. Run Battlefleet.Gothic.Armada.Build.1.4.8073c.Update.e xe
    4. Locate your game folder and start the installation process
    5. Delete this file: \BattleFleetGothic\revision.bfgver or else game
    will show wrong version number (this file was also removed on Steam)
    6. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder and into the main
    install folder and overwrite
    7. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as
    secure/trusted in your antivirus program
    8. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!
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