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Tema: IS Defense [Update 5 Incl DLC] [CODEX] [OL]

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    IS Defense [Update 5 Incl DLC] [CODEX] [OL]

    4:20 EVERY DAY

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    Update 5:

    Fixed issues with Czech (QWERTY) keyboard layouts.
    Several other layouts were also affected by this issue, which should now also properly work.

    To use these layouts however, you need to go into options and rebind the affected keys pressing your numerical keys.
    They will display what character there really is.

    Update 4:

    Fixed the issue with 'Play Next Map' on Croatian Mainland map,
    as you have probably guessed it slipped into the build because of the incoming DLC

    Mods will now be listed and loaded properly when downloaded through Steam Workshop

    Fixed any remaining mouse issues that we've found or been notified about both on Windows and Linux

    Update 3:

    Release modkit

    Implemented support for 5760x1080 triple monitor setup

    Fixed timer display on death screen

    Fixed bugged pause menu that did not receive input when alt tabbing during
    loading screen

    Mouse cursor should not leave game window anymore both on Windows and Linux

    Leaderboards have been reworked to solve any weird issues that popped up
    since release

    Added trading cards, badges, emoticons and backgrounds

    Fixed achievements that should be earned for time played on a given map, map
    completion and game completion

    You need the following releases for this :

    4:20 EVERY DAY

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