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Tema: Villagers [Update.v1.030] [BAT] [CU]

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    Villagers [Update.v1.030] [BAT] [CU]

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    v1.030 of Villagers available!

    We are so incredibly thrilled by the beautiful villages you have created in the
    game. Some of the towns we have seen in the savegames you’ve sent us and also in
    the screenshots on Steam, go way beyond our imagination! City-planning genius
    and beautifully laid out villages, all lovingly designed - they have been a
    pleasure to see.

    The growing number of town inhabitants has unveiled performance issues for some
    of you though. Luckily, we have been able to address this problem with today’s

    There's tons of other improvements coming along and our testing group has
    already reported that all is running smoothly.

    So, here comes the change log:


    - Removed clouds for performance

    - Camera will no longer fly out of bounds while having a dead villager selected.

    - Removed nasty dots in Dialogue-Parchment.

    - Map now always correctly positioned on table

    - Reduced bird count.

    - Merchants will now trade more and with different items.

    - Merchants will now appear more consistently, depending on your Village's overall happiness.

    - Missing stonepit and mine markers were added to some freeplay maps.

    - Resources now have different gold values. Certain resources have a higher value than others.

    - Added new notification under mini-map, that shows current event (acid rain etc).

    - Wells will now fill up gradually 4 times a day instead of once completely on a new day.

    - Capacity of wells has been increased slightly.

    - Growing speed of all crops has been slightly reduced.

    - General performance improvements that should give you a minimum of 5 fps more.

    - Villagers will now only be unhappy about not getting any water once a day (was triggering every frame).

    - Starvation and thirst of villagers will now be saved (was reset on every load).

    - Added a new notification message once a villager becomes weak, showing his last
    profession. Also: Death notification will now only be shown, if the Villager
    died before becoming weak.

    - Barn disease will now only kill half of the animals in the barn (was killing all animals in the barn).

    - Some localisation updates (especially in barn)

    - Weak villagers & babies will now also be listed in the townhall window.

    - Maximum age of villagers is now shown in their window.

    - "Fulfilling duties" message in Villagers windows will no longer show for idle villagers.

    - Fixed performance issue occurring in games without natural water source (chapter 3 map or Big Boy map)

    - Optimized showing of scrollbar in windows - also positioning of content should now be better.

    - Added scrollbar to barn window's outside animals list.


    - Fixed bug that prevented any work of Villagers who needed to get food/water but can't get any.

    - Fixed bug in farmers that led to unharvestable crops.

    - Villagers’ professions before dying or becoming weak will now correctly be shown after loading a save-game.

    - A bug with sea merchants has been fixed - they should appear consistently now.

    - Fixed performance issues and several small bugs in the sound system.

    - Fixed a bug that was leading to several issues with weak villagers.

    - Chapter 2: Fixed the day count in "prepare for winter" quest that was glitchy at the beginning.

    - Balanced crop growing speed; they will now grow slightly slower.

    - Fixed a bug that was leading to false marriages on game load

    - Fixed bug that was leading to errors when trading with merchants that were already gone (trade window was not updated).

    - While placing a building, neither outlines nor influence area of buildings below will be shown

    - Removed unreachable resources in map 3 and map 5.

    - Fixed pathfinding bug leading to all villagers just standing around until reload.

    - V-Sync option has been fixed.

    - Guestworker UI elements are no longer disappearing.

    - Villagers will no longer move through water right beside a bridge.
    4:20 EVERY DAY

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