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Tema: 8 Bit Armies [ENG] [v.] [GOG] [502.8MB] [OL]

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    8 Bit Armies [ENG] [v.] [GOG] [502.8MB] [OL]

    8-Bit Armies es un juego de estrategía en tiempo estilo retro. Con un estilo colorido, bloques de estilo voxel, donde los ejércitos de 8 bits es más de ritmo rápido, amable y accesible hasta la fecha.

    Requisitos del sistema


    SO: Windows Vista SP2
    Procesador: 2.6 GHz Dual Core Processor
    Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    Gráficos: Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 or ATI Radeon HD 3870
    DirectX: Versión 11
    Almacenamiento: 2 GB de espacio disponible


    SO: Windows 7
    Procesador: 2.6 GHz+ Quad Core Processor
    Memoria: 6 GB de RAM
    Gráficos: Nvidia GeForce 550 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
    DirectX: Versión 11
    Almacenamiento: 2 GB de espacio disponible

    Thankxx @mercs213

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    -- 8-bit Armies --

    title.......... 8bit_armies
    genre.......... Strategy
    game id........ 1459422114
    user rating.... 80%
    release date... April 22, 2016

    game items.....:

    [setup_8bit_armies_2.2.0.6.exe] -- 8-bit Armies
    version: 0.73.605655 (gog-6)


    [] -- wallpaper


    #### Patch 0.73.605655 (26 April 2016)

    ##### NEW FEATURES:

    * Added slider bar for FOW full and explored fog color alpha (Player Request). Players can adjust their own Fog of War for all maps by going to the options screen. (Go try it!)
    * Added visibility for Allied radar rings on mini-map (Player Request).
    * Save games Enabled. If you have to stop playing mid-mission, your progress will be saved and can be resumed later where you left off. (New Feature)
    * New, easier to read indicators for primary factory bonuses. (Awesome!)
    * Added Win/Loss music to end-game movies.

    ##### CRASH FIXES:

    * Crash fix for long player names.
    * Crash fix for AI trying to sell structures to fund a harvester.
    * Crash fix for (obscure) multiplayer issue some players experienced.


    * Creating two structures at once has been fixed. (Player Reported).
    * Improvement for players loading into campaign too late (game starting too early); seen as harvesters sliding along at the start (also modified harvester behavior to not start harvesting until the game actually starts, instead of when they are first created during instance creation) (Player Reported).
    * Fixed justification for production tray for 21:9 monitors (Player Reported)
    * Fix for losing selection when multiplayer lobbies get refreshed (super annoying!) (Player Request).
    * Made common pace movement hotkey toggle on/off, and not be cleared once issuing a single move, even if you are still holding down the key.
    * Reduced min drag select distance from 40 to 5.
    * Fixed wrong tooltip wording on tooltip delay.
    * Rocket Helicopter is now easier to select.
    * Enable crushing behavior for AI tanks in some situations. AI tanks will now choose to come after player infantry nearby instead of standard attack.
    * Fix for "Retrieving..." text staying stuck on multiplayer and co-op lobby screens
    * Placing a structure will now destroy/remove nearby props – no more trees sprouting in buildings.
    * Widened super weapon player name text.
    * Updated mission title UI to fit better.
    * Windows screen saver will not kick in if the game is in focus (Player Reported).


    * Difficulty adjustments to all missions in the Cooperative Campaign based on player feedback. Should be just a little easier now.
    * Adjusted crates to be more accessible in some campaign maps (Player Reported)
    * Co-Op campaign balance pass to make it a little easier.
    * New Silver Bonus Objective for “Cleansing Fire”
    * General tutorial fixes to prevent players getting stuck. Also added ambient sound effects.
    * Fixed several typos, grammar errors and spelling issues in game text.
    * Removed a destroyable prop from multiple maps that was causing pathing issues.
    * Clarified bonus objectives with "Bonus:" text to objective display.
    * Removed objects in campaign loadout tab that haven't been unlocked yet and not granted to you as a starting object reward.
    * Minimap images updated (quality and clarity).
    * Fixed wrong rank displayed on campaign debrief screen.
    * Removed 3 letter rank designation because it was confusing to players and was already duplicated with iconic rank being shown
    * Improved air pathing over some parts of Industry Zone map.

    * * *

    #### Patch 0.73.605367 (25 April 2016)

    * Reduced multiplayer coordinator timeout for messages from 30 seconds to 5 seconds. On failure to send a message, server would wait 30 seconds before re-sending. This was a major cause of getting games started in multiplayer
    * Fixed Crash related to the AI attempting to repair a structure with zero health. This would occur only if a structure was destroyed in the same second that it attempted to repair.
    * Fixed Crash related to a small subset of high-end video cards
    * Fixed Crash for very long names associated with GOG accounts
    * Added warning message for players that are not logged in to GOG Galaxy
    * Adjustments to instance server allocation strategy on the backend multiplayer coordinator (server patch) and minor optimization adjustments
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