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Tema: The Seven Years War (1756-1763) [Update v1.106] [CU]

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    The Seven Years War (1756-1763) [Update v1.106] [CU]

    4:20 EVERY DAY

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    24 April - keppelmueller

    Game enhancements:

    - adopted new fatigue balancing system- added fatigue for different terrains

    - standard formations now cost only 10% fatigue

    - marching column reduces fatigue

    - building barricades increases fatigue

    - increased fatigue effects when running

    - implemented fatigue for close combat and firing

    - if fatigue is high then melee casualties are also higher

    - high fatigue now leads to loss of morale

    Fixed bugs:
    - fleets attacking trading fleets got stuck in a “naval battle” and could not disengage
    - conquered trading fleets were reappearing but were invisible
    - recruiting mercenaries from neighbouring provinces caused too high negative relations
    - attaching regiments to mother regiment now works
    - fixed wrong sprite appearance after cannons are captured
    - removed duplicated regiments in hierarchy which were detached earlier
    - fixed crash related to detached regiments after battle ends
    - unit marks now move when attacking enemy regiments (targets, waypoint destinations)
    - improved regiment to object facing (barricades, captured cannons)
    - artillery targets could not be set manually
    - sensitivity and numbers of close combat information windows improved
    - barricade building timer was shown on top of GUI

    - naval combat experience gain reduced and limited
    - new morale balance in general, heavy salves lead to high morale loss, small casualties from the distance have low effect
    - removed AI fastmarch for artillery
    - improved retreat behavior due to routs
    - melee now stops regiments movements to prevent better combat lines, fallback orders units in melee to retreat

    - improved click sensitivity on enemy units
    - when ordering a new target for close combat action a sabre sound is played
    - repressing the barricade button stops barricade building or renews building if nearby
    - brigade and division flags now change size with the zoom mode


    + The.Seven.Years.War.1756-1763.Update.v1.094-BAT
    + The.Seven.Years.War.1756-1763.Update.v1.096-BAT
    + The.Seven.Years.War.1756-1763.Update.v1.098-BAT
    + The.Seven.Years.War.1756-1763.Update.v1.101-BAT
    + The.Seven.Years.War.1756-1763.Update.v1.103-BAT
    + The.Seven.Years.War.1756-1763.Update.v1.104-2-BAT
    + The.Seven.Years.War.1756-1763.Update.v1.105-3-
    4:20 EVERY DAY

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