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Tema: The Seven Years War 1756-1763 [Update.v1.105-3] [BAT] [OL]

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    The Seven Years War 1756-1763 [Update.v1.105-3] [BAT] [OL]

    4:20 EVERY DAY

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    Update to version 1.105(3)

    17 April - keppelmueller

    Game enhancements:
    - added new mountain models for campaign mode
    - added fallback of skirmishers

    Fixed bugs:
    - fixed crashes related to high casualty animations in battles
    - fixed disappearing unit sprites in battles
    - units search their retreat path better now, preventing rush into enemy units
    - improved aiming at enemy units in battles, sometimes enemies in range could not be fired at
    - fixed cavalry units moving constantly with uncoordinated orders on
    - advance/fallback orders now stop barricade building
    - ammo range is now used correctly depending on the chosen ammunition type
    - fixed freezing of dying sprites
    - Louisbourg loam resource has been replaced to gain access
    - fleets now move back to resupply correctly

    - improvement of performance of battles
    - rebalanced uncoordinated orders for sudden artillery morale drop if enemy advances
    - reduced experience growth in battles by approx. 30%
    - barricade building is now stopped if unit is under musket fire or in melee
    - increased losses of artillery units in close combat
    - formations cannot be changed if unit is in close combat
    - increased realism of square formations: forming squares take more time, if
    cavalry reaches before finished -> square is broken up, cavalry retreats
    a utomatically if hitting a square
    - reduced native village growth
    - reduced starting quantities of products depending on the city size

    - melee unit scattering is reduced
    - improved regimental unit selection -> move mouse over flag to watch mouseover-
    information, click on each sprite and flag to select
    - both first divisions (own and enemy) now reach the battlefield at the same
    time, no waiting for the own troops or opponent
    - if clicked on a news entry, mentioned units are now selected
    - barricade building can now be stopped by pressing the barricade button again
    - AI uses skirmish and column formation more often
    - when war is declared victory points are starting with -15 to prevent immediate peace negotiations
    - increased population contrast of the bigger nations to the smaller ones for more historical accuracy
    - armies of Austria, France and Russia have been increased at the start of a new campaign
    - experience of Prussian units has been increased at the start of a new campaign
    - added minimum levels for diplomatic actions (technology transfer)
    - AI behavior of natives is used more against the player

    - replaced shrapnel and bullet animation in battles
    - reduced casualty sprites in battles
    - reduced size of battle provincial buildings
    4:20 EVERY DAY

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