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Tema: FINAL FANTASY IX [64bit v1.00] [Trainer +10] [MrANTIFUN]

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    FINAL FANTASY IX [64bit v1.00] [Trainer +10] [MrANTIFUN]

    Final Fantasy IX 64bit V1.00 Trainer +10

    1. Inf.HP
    2. Inf.MP
    3. Inf.AT
    4. Inf.Gils
    5. Inf.Items
    6. Cards Super Attack
    7. Cards Super defense Defense
    8. Max Player Stats
    9. Easy Rope Game
    10. Reset Game Time


    • Cheats may take up to 15 seconds to activate ,If trainer freeze just wait on it ,It wont crash
    • First go into battle Then you will be able to activate HP , MP ,AT and Capa cheats
    • First open menu then activate Gils cheat
    • First open menu and go to character stat where strength ,speed and other stuff show then activate Max Player Stats
    • First Open menu and go to Cards ,Select a card ten activate Cards Super attack / Defense cheat then select cards you have one by one and all these cards will have super stats when you go into cards game
    • For items cheat first open menu then go to items then activate items cheat then close items window and open it again to get the cheat effect
    • First start a rope game then activate Easy Rope Game Cheat and for every 2 times you jump yo will get 255 extra
    • First open menu cheat then activate reset game time and everytime you want to reset it open the menu while cheat is on .

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