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Tema: The Seven Years War 1756-1763 [Update.v1.104-2] [BAT] [UB]

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    The Seven Years War 1756-1763 [Update.v1.104-2] [BAT] [UB]

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    Update to version 1.104(2)

    Game enhancements:
    - native clans now "spend" fireweapons and horses if they attack enemy trains (1.1034)
    - added native range if a clan is selected (1.1036)
    - reduced information about enemy units in battle if fog of war is active (1.104)

    Game balance:
    - increased necessary relations for native alliances (1.1036)
    - increased damage for naval battles (1.104)
    - reduced influence of distance on the goods pickup by merchants to support pickup of low cost products along a larger distance (1.104)
    - AI now does not cancel player's trade agreements unless war erupts (1.1041)
    - reduced influence of educational buildings on research (1.1041)
    - reduced cost/earnings of technology trades (1.1041)

    Fixed bugs:
    - fixed crashes related to choosing empty forts (1.1031)
    - fixed crashes related to multiple start of battles or campaigns in one session (1.1031)
    - fixed overlay in campaigns after starting second campaign in same session (1.1031)
    - fixed units with no platform which led to hardly attackable enemy units after first campaign battle (1.1031)
    - fixed non intentional start of a siege if a unit ends its final waypoint near the city but reaches interim waypoint (1.1031)
    - fixed native ally ranking (1.1033)
    - fixed traders not delivering fireweapons and horses to natives (1.1033)
    - fixed enemy regiments not attackable if they have not moved since the start of the battle (1.1034)
    - allied divisions in range can now participate in battles (1.1034)
    - improved line of fire in battles (1.1034)
    - game gui is now visible if autosave was reloaded which was saved when a menu was open (1.1037)
    - fixed starting position of French 9th Division in North America, starting in British terrain in "On the eve of war" scenario (1.1038)
    - fixed crash when deleting a division while fort overview is open (1.1039)
    - fixed not recognized forts for unit transfers if buildings were earlier deleted (1.1039)

    - maximum game resolution is now limited by the desktop resolution (max 1920x1080), this led to larger menus (1.1032)

    - implemented ok button to quit final battle statistics of campaign battles to prevent quitting due to accidental clicks (1.1031)
    - keyboard scrolls in campaign now also possible if armies and fleets are selected (1.104)
    - rivers are now (very slowly) passable (1.1041)
    - updated manual to 1.104 (more details on natives)
    4:20 EVERY DAY

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