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Tema: The Seven Years War 1756-1763 [MULTI4] [0x0007] + [UPDATES v1.094 to v1.101] [BAT] [2.81GB] [UB]

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    The Seven Years War 1756-1763 [MULTI4] [0x0007] + [UPDATES v1.094 to v1.101] [BAT] [2.81GB] [UB]

    The Seven Years War es un juego de estrategia basado en la guerra de los 7 años, tan famosa. The Seven Years War (1756-1763), un conflicto global conocida en América como la Guerra Francesa e India, comienza oficialmente cuando Inglaterra declara la guerra a Francia. Sin embargo, la lucha y escaramuzas entre Inglaterra y Francia fueron pasando en América del Norte durante años.
    A principios de la década de 1750, la expansión francesa en el valle del río Ohio llevó en varias ocasiones a Francia en el conflicto armado con las colonias británicas. En 1756, el primer año oficial de los combates en la Guerra de los Siete Años, los británicos sufrieron una serie de derrotas contra los franceses y su amplia red de alianzas nativos americanos.
    Sin embargo, en 1757, el primer ministro británico, William Pitt (el más antiguo) reconoció el potencial de la expansión imperial que saldría de la victoria contra los franceses y endeudado fuertemente para financiar una guerra expandida. Pitt financia la lucha de Prusia contra Francia y sus aliados en Europa y reembolsará las colonias para la crianza de los ejércitos en América del Norte.


    SO: Windows 7, 8, 10
    Procesador: 1,5 GHz
    Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    Gráficos: 1 GB VRAM, Directplay
    DirectX: Versión 7.1
    Almacenamiento: 4 GB de espacio disponible


    SO: Windows 7, 8, 10
    Procesador: 2 GHz
    Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    Gráficos: 1 GB VRAM, Directplay
    DirectX: Versión 7.1
    Almacenamiento: 4 GB de espacio disponible
    Tarjeta de sonido: supported
    Notas adicionales: Screen Resolutions higher than 1024×768

    4:20 EVERY DAY

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    La Release de [0x0007] esta actualizada a la version[v1.093]


    Update to version 1.100 1.101

    Game enhancements:
    - added minimap for battles
    - added battle event information
    - added optional automatic price adjustment for companies (button next to product price in company menu)
    - added mouseover tooltips for campaign mode for further ingame descriptions (may be disabled in options menu -> tooltips on/off); French & Spanish version to follow in next version

    Fixed bugs:
    - removed retreat question at the beginning of second battle if retreated in the first one
    - deactive regiments (with 0 men) cannot be chosen and are now hidden on battle map
    - terrain information of single chosen unit in battle can now be turned off
    - fastmarch orders for whole brigades and divisions now work properly
    - fixed bug where defending garrison sometimes did not suffer from attacker's artillery fire in sieges
    - fixed not selectable armies and forts in sieges (unfortunately works not for older savegames)

    - synchronized fatigue information in mouseover information: now a full green bar goes down when moving and shows red color if fatigue is critical
    - enabled permanent windowed mode (1.101) - fixes some incompatibility issues with windows 10 resolutions and you can now alt+tab without loss of textures

    Update to version 1.099

    Game enhancements:
    - added more smoke animation to the battle
    - implemented first parts of new battle GUI part 2 (minimap and battle information comes with 1.100)

    Game balance:
    - improved pathfinding near coasts, should result in less stuck traders and fleets

    Fixed bugs:
    - fixed not coming to the siege menu if a city with upgraded fort is besieged
    - fixed preset ship constructions without orders at the beginning of a new scenario
    - fixed damaged buildings at the beginning of a new scenario
    - fixed occupied fleet storage by earlier loaded divisions when restarting game
    - fixed problems with embarking/debarking related to the transported fleet not finding accurate waypoints
    - fixed diplomatic technology transfers having no effect
    - unit sprites are now reduced when suffering losses
    - fixed crash at the beginning of second battle related to loss animations
    - fixed colonels could not be replaced on regimental level

    Update to version 1.098


    - new commander pictures by Peter Lebek
    - improved winter campaign textures and vegetation
    - replaced campaign division sprites

    Fixed bugs:

    - improved campaign game stability regarding crashes due to VRAM usage
    - regimental commander now can use his rally orders
    - removed floor of zero victory points, can now go negative
    - fixed disappearing GUI or crashes after besieging divisions had to retreat due
    to low moral
    - corrected church elevations in battles
    - fixed never ending repairs


    - enemy armies are now surrendering if they are beaten and no home provinces are

    Update to Version 1.097

    - presenting new unit animation and better 3D Models

    Game enhancements:

    - now multiple menus of battle GUI can stay opened
    - animation of regimental casualties and replacements
    - implemented intelligent memory sprite quality: in battles with a lot of
    different unit types the memory utilization is reduced by loading less smooth
    unit sprites to prevent too high memory utilization and crashes
    - implemented intelligent pathfinding in battles to increase waypoint searches
    (now balancing depending on the pc speed)

    Fixed bugs:

    - fixed crash exiting from battles by clicking retreat button
    - solved scenarios ending one month too early
    - fixed not passable bridges in battles
    - fixed traders and supply trains stuck in campaign map near rivers


    - improved house and church models on battlefields
    - improved unit sprite quality in battles
    - improved 3d artillery models


    - smoothed sprite positions when regiment turns

    Update to version 1.096

    Game enhancements:
    - added intelligent fire range radius for artillery and infantry in battles, now showing real fire distance for each angle

    Fixed bugs:
    - two high weapon technologies set to not researched (was set to researched for debugging purposes)
    - regiments placed on water at the start of the game are replaced now
    - added workaround for sometimes happening "sailing over land" fleets and "moving over water" divisions
    - removed dark lines on campaign map when showing posession colors
    - lost graphics due to alt+tab are now reloaded in campaign mode (battle mode to follow)

    - increased width of barricades
    - national borders now colored darker than provincial borders
    - updated unit GUI for battles

    - prices for products can now be adjusted into negative
    - renamed provinces with capitals Dublin and Cork to Leinster and Munster
    - regiments which have lost all of their strength are now removed from battlemap

    Update to version 1.095

    Game enhancements:
    - added abortion of recruiting by clicking on the progress ring
    - occupied provinces are now automatically annexed if prior owner was defeated (no provinces left)
    - diplomatic actions with defeated nations now not possible any more
    - added option to deactivate mouseover-infos (although you won't like to do this)
    - added information about highest demand or offer of own and foreign provinces if mouse cursor is placed over city short info
    - provincial forts now constructable

    Game balance:
    - increased probability of AI constructing defense buildings and holding garrisons

    Fixed bugs:
    - corrected weapons of dragoons in the historic battle of Torgau
    - fixed some not applicable weapons after tech was researched
    - fixed payment of fleet supply costs while not having fleets
    - added stability for campaign battles (fixed some crashes related to high memory usage)
    - fixed wrong resource demand for building repairs
    - corrected negative building or repair duration

    - smoothed battle ground texture on greater distances
    - polished vegetation for battle & campaign mode
    - polished winter tree textures
    - added autumn landscape for battles
    - polished ground textures in campaign mode
    - polished water animation in campaign mode
    - added light font for scales

    - reduced smoke effect of canister shots
    - removed plain mouse cursor in windowed mode (but not the specials like target cursors and mouseinfos)
    - added mouseover-information for ammo options in battles

    Update to version 1.094:

    16 January

    Game enhancements:

    - added annexion of cities (occupied cities now have higher corruption and recruiting is disabled, ownership can be claimed after peace negotiations) - added details to manual
    - added victory points for auto-calc battles (can be seen now in battle result menu, top right)

    Game balance:

    - now preventing armies with relative low strength from taking offensive actions
    - increased cost for exchange of provinces

    Fixed bugs:

    - cost of peace negotiations now deducted correctly from existing victory points
    - now preventing background actions and mouseinformation if below open menues
    - file menu in campaign mode deactivated if battle start screen shows to prevent stuck situations when reloading
    - suppressed high goods demand (e.g. for food) on the first day of a new scenario
    - fixed crashes related to new gamestart after deleting buildings in an older game
    - added workaround preventing too high goods demand in the first minutes of play
    - fixed problem enemy units did not engage in battle if they have fought against AI before
    - beaten armies now retreat promptly after battle (sometimes they went for a second engagement)


    - added complete black background in red/black tutorial informations
    - added multiple smoke color and slightly more smokey battlefields
    - added possibility to lighten then background of the menues (adjustable in options menu)
    - increased side of unit icon information in battle


    - now indicating if diplomacy partner has researched tech to exchange or not (until now only the own research was signaled by checkmark)
    - added small moving delays for soldier sprites in battles to simulate unorderly movement
    - added single click attack (with normal speed) when rmc on enemy unit and ceasefire is activated or unit has no range weapon
    - armys on enemy terrain which have too low moral (currently <20%) or too low relative strength (currently <40%) are routed and moved to the nearest friendly city to rally
    - army on enemy terrain moved back to nearest city if peace is declared.
    4:20 EVERY DAY

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