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Tema: Cobalt v1.31 MULTI5-ALiAS [380MB] [UB]

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    Cobalt v1.31 MULTI5-ALiAS [380MB] [UB]

    Cobalt v1.31 GOLD RIP MULTI5-ALiAS

    Cobalt es un videojuego de acción y plataformas 2D protagonizado por un robot, que debe explorar un planeta plagado de enemigos y trampas. Desarrollado por Oxeye Game Studios y editado por Mojang, los creadores de Minecraft, el juego combina los tiroteos con la infiltración, plataformeo y puzles. Incluye además un multijugador cooperativo y competitivo para hasta ocho personas.

    Requisitos de sistema:

    SO: Windows 7, 8 or 10.
    Procesador: 1,5 GHz or faster processor.
    Memoria: 2 GB de RAM.
    Gráficos: 1GB VRAM.
    Almacenamiento: 2 GB de espacio disponible.

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    Cobalt v1.31 GOLD RIP MULTI5
    (c) Mojang
    Release date: 22/02/2016 Protection: Steam Language: EN/DE/FR/IT/ES
    NOTE: Start the game with the shortcut provided or run it as
    "cobalt.exe -bundle-dir bundle". Or use included "start.bat"
    -> Changelog.txt included in the pack. <-
    Forget everything youve learned about combat. Cobalts slo-mo
    mechanic lets you perform moves that other games cant comprehend.
    Play though the story and discover answers to mysterious questions
    including: What happened to the humans? Why am I riding a space
    hamster? How is my cyborg head so good at deflecting bullets?
    Multiplayer is a less cryptic, though equally enjoyable affair:
    face off against friends and enemies in local or online
    multiplayer, learn the intricacies of over 80 maps and 67 weapons,
    and dominate the leaderboards.
    - Enjoy 6 multiplayer modes on over 80 maps. Play locally or online.
    - Wield over 37 ranged weapons, 33 melee weapons, 6 hand shields,
    and more...
    - Use Cobalt's signature move - the combat roll - to deflect
    projectiles or line up sweet headshots.
    - Take advantage of our automatic-extreme-slo-mo mechanic, to pull
    off sick manoeuvres like rocket punches, bullet deflects, or
    last-second goals
    - Customise weapons and armour to your personal taste.
    - Play through the story alone or in co-op. Tame wasps! Take part in
    unnecessary dancing mini-games. Make friends with birds then get
    sad when they explode into puff of feathers
    Six game modes:
    - Survival Mode: Face off against waves of enemies, upgrading
    equipment between rounds.
    - Combat and Speed challenges: test speed, agility and combat skills
    in a wealth of challenges. Take your place on the global
    - Deathmatch: Go head to head in free-for-all showdowns or
    team-based battles.
    - Team Strike: No respawns. Multiple rounds! Equipment upgrades!
    Cobalts most original mode.
    - Plug Slam: The most popular sport in the Cobalt universe. Slam the
    plug into the goal to win. Dont die!
    - Story Mode: Discover the secrets of a remote colony alone or with
    a friend in local co-op. Includes puzzles, boss fights and tameable
    1. Mount .ISO
    2. Install
    3. Have Fun!!!

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