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Tema: The Witness [Update v.20160203] [BAT] [172.8MB] [UB]

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    The Witness [Update v.20160203] [BAT] [172.8MB] [UB]

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    3 February 2016, 11:56 am:
    We have worked around the driver crashes that were preventing us from updating the game. So we are back to straightforward updates. We have modified the 'future' branch to have these fixes:
    Fixed a rendering glitch on Intel Iris Graphics 540.
    Modified one of the puzzles where some people were feeling stuck and locked in, to provide more of a visual clue to how to get out.
    Made the sound effects in one (SPOILER) puzzle a little easier to hear.
    Fixed incorrect images on a few of the (SPOILER) icons.
    Fixed some artifacts with dynamic resolution rendering.
    Fixed a few collision issues.

    1 February 2016, 3:57pm:
    Reverted 'default' back to an older branch because many Intel graphics drivers seem to crash.
    We didn't change anything that major in the game itself, so we don't know why these crashes are triggering now.
    Graphics drivers are the worst thing in the world.
    We can't really update the game until this gets fixed, so this pretty much sucks.
    We are in contact with Intel about the situation.

    1 February 2016 11:30am:
    Moved the 'future' branch to 'default', so now everyone should get the updates listed below.
    Next we will be adding new stuff to 'future'.

    30 January 2016 4:15pm:
    Added Hungarian language support.
    Display a warning when the game fails to save your progress.

    30 January 2016 10:55am: Experimental Anti-Motion-Sickness Update #1
    Wider FOV.
    Completely disabled view bob.
    Faster acceleration when walking / running.

    30 January 2016 10:05am: Just pushed to beta 'future':
    We now save your last-selected options in the launcher.
    Fixed an incorrect edge in one of the panels at the top of the Keep belltower.
    Fixed a mistake in the English subtitles.
    Fixed savegame thumbnails being ugly if you are on low graphics settings and dynamic resolution kicks in.
    Fixed some lightmap mistakes.
    Added support for 16x MSAA and high-quality 4x resolve.
    Added some more render_settings variables.
    Fixed hairline cracks in the entry tunnel.
    Removed a few extra unnecessary files.
    Fixed that one of the jungle panels was sometimes blocked by leaves.
    Fixed a minor cosmetic texture-repeat bug on one of the panels.
    Added a missing [REDACTED] for a [REDACTED].

    29 January 2016 7:00pm: Because we had some issues when making the previous patch, I have made a 'future' beta and made that patch live there. We are going to update this future branch later tonight.

    28 January 2016 7:20pm: Improve asset streaming at low frame rates (reduces occurrences of low-res geometry for people at lower frame rates). Log more information for Radeon cards so we can try and debug more effectively. REVERTED at 8:09pm due to reported problems, will try again tomorrow.

    28 January 2016 4:49pm: Fixed a coloring bug in one of the puzzle panels (it was solvable but a little bit confusing if you did certain kinds of incorrect solutions).

    28 January 2016 3:10pm: Fixed a problem where the game would not launch (not even any launcher box visible) on Windows 7 with no service pack. (Most Windows 7 users did not see this since they are on at least Service Pack 1).
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