Hard West 1.2 Patch Notes
- UI should now work correctly in all resolutions above Full HD.
We're looking into the possibility of fully supporting nonstandard screen ratios and will keep you posted.
- Fixed: an enemy brought down to 0 HP with the Barrage ability sometimes remains alive.
- Fixed: having Old Man Murray join the fight in the optional rescue mission would sometimes lock the game.
- Fixed: desynchronized animation of using dynamic cover objects while the character is already 'sticking' to it.
- Fixed: missing localization on one of the buttons.
- Fixed: an erratic notification of a wound turning into a scar on a character from a different Scenario.
- Stability tweaks.
- Further difficulty adjustments based on your feedback.
- Movement path helper now changes color depending on the number of Action Points needed to reach a given location.
- The available ammo counter has been changed to be more clear and easy to read.
- Fixed: Florence no longer trolls players by joining the search party looking for her.